A mobile Disc Jockey service located in
Northeast PA, that  adds the party
atmosphere to your functions. Whether it
be a small private party to a big Wedding
reception. We plan your party with you to
make it a memorable function.



If you are in the midst of planning the most important
day of your life, YOUR WEDDING DAY, and are
considering our company to provide your entertainment,
then you are making the right choice!

Our mission is to treat every wedding as if it were our
very own.
KEYSTONE JUKEBOX DJ’s takes extreme
pride with personally planning each wedding right from
the very start.. We promise you & your guests will have

When you are shopping for entertainment, there are a
few things you should know about us, so that you may
compare with the other DJ companies. We are confident
that you will find nothing less than professionalism
when you deal with

First & foremost, you will deal only with the DJ’s for your
wedding. This means that you will not be “ assigned ” a
DJ for your wedding, from a pool of many. You will deal
with the people who will be in charge of your wedding
right from the very start. We do one wedding at a time,
assuring a personal touch. By the time we’re done with
you, you’ll feel like we are part of your family. This way
you will have no worries about who is going to show up
at your reception, and what the end result will be.

Next, after booking with us, you will be assigned a date
approximately 1-2 months prior to your reception, so
that we may meet with each Bride & Groom personally.
This way we get to know what you like & dislike, & are
able to make suggestions for you. We assist each couple
with their song selections for their first & second
dances, their Parents dances, their own introductions as
well as the Bridal party intros. Then of course we go
over all the other details such as cake cutting, garter /
bouquet toss, bridal dances , etc. We won't miss a single

Another very important issue is the pronunciation of all
your Bridal Party Members. Now is the time to learn each
person’s name, so that no mistakes are made on your
wedding day. We will spend as much time as necessary
to make sure you are both comfortable with what’s
being programmed for your day. Most importantly we
listen to what you have to say, after all this is your day!
We even check with you right up to the day before,
making sure everything is perfect & no changes have to
be made. And rest assured anytime you contact us, you
can expect a prompt response.

Some of our Brides or Grooms are from out of town, and
find it difficult to make the time to meet with us,- No
Problem! We will handle it just as if you are sitting
beside us!
KEYSTONE JUKEBOX  DJ’s will be happy to e-
mail you all the necessary information to program your
wedding. All you have to do is fill in the blanks, and send
it back to us. We will assist you with it by e-mail or by
phone as well, whichever is easier for you. We do this
many times, and the end result is the same, a perfect

We're sure that upon review of our web-page, you will
find a wealth of information. Many of the questions you
may have are already answered for you. If you desire
more information, we invite you to call us, or a-mail us,
so that we may assist you further. You’ll also see that we
respond promptly, which is very important when you are
in the planning stages of your wedding day.

We sincerely hope to be part of your special day. When
you choose
KEYSTONE JUKEBOX  DJ’s, you are making
the right choice, and you’ll find you will get much more
for your money, and will have the time of your life! Don't
delay, call today for availability & to book with us. We
look forward to serving you!

Corporate Events

Hosting a corporate event is a wonderful way to show
your employees, clients, and business associates how
much they are valued. A well thought-out event can
improve employee morale, build a spirit of camaraderie,
and reward your staff for all their hard work. For clients
and business associates, an event is a terrific
opportunity to build stronger relationships in a relaxed,
comfortable setting.

At KEYSTONE JUKEBOX , we understand that when your
business hosts an event, it will be seen as a reflection of
your company. That's why we'll take the time to meet
with your event planners to coordinate every aspect of
the entertainment to ensure that everything goes
smoothly and that a great time will be had by all.
Whether you're planning a relaxing and dignified awards
dinner and just need a selection of relaxing background
music, or you're looking for a high-energy, end-of-year
blowout bash, KEYSTONE JUKEBOX  will deliver exactly
the kind of entertainment experience you desire.

We also offer a range of additional services, including
the ability to provide themed party favors and other
items featuring your business logo. Be sure to ask about
the many exciting possibilities!


When you want the hottest venue in town then bring in
KEYSTONE JUKEBOX DJ service for an evening of good
times and great music. The difference between
KEYSTONE JUKEBOX DJ's and background music is that
we add a friendly and upbeat personal touch that a
jukebox or CD player simply cannot provide. We create
an atmosphere that is warm and inviting and will surely
have your customers coming back and spreading the
word of how great the entertainment was at your

The best part about out service is the flexibility in the
music. We are just as comfortable playing oldies, old
country, new country, classic rock as we are playing
modern rock and dance music. We play what your
customers want to here.

Remember when doing a fund raiser that your main goal
is to make money for your cause. If you don't have
entertainment to hold your clients, then you have
nobody to aid you in getting to your goals. Our DJ
service will provide that entertainment to you different
various type of crowd members and make your functions
a fun time for all, and remember if you customers are
having fun, then they will continue to stay and be part
of your function.

Private Parties

Are set to your needs and wants, whether it be a
summer get together, graduation party, anniversary,
Reunion or Holiday Party,we strive to add our personal
touch to make your party be the best it can be. We have
many different things we can add to your party to make
it a lasting memory.   
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